Comprehensive technology sorting of lithium battery recovery equipment

March 30 2023

Lithium battery recycling equipment, waste lithium battery processing equipment, lithium battery decomposition equipment, mobile phone/ternary lithium battery recycling equipment to achieve a comprehensive development of resources and environment of the new technology.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

1. Power lithium battery recycling equipment: power lithium battery recycling equipment includes a variety of power batteries, new energy batteries, waste lithium ion battery shell, positive and negative active materials, copper aluminum metal and plastic diaphragm separation.

2. Lithium battery recycling equipment: lithium material recycling equipment includes positive materials, negative materials, copper and aluminum metal, black powder, lithium cobalt acid, diaphragm materials, etc.

The comprehensive technology separation of lithium battery recovery equipment consists of magnetic separation, wind separation and so on. Magnetic separation can separate ferromagnetic materials in broken materials; Air separation, which separates the powder from the broken material and the lighter plastic diaphragm while volatilizing the part attached to the material, is an existing technology in lithium-ion battery recycling equipment.

In addition to lithium battery recycling equipment products, other prototype workshop of our company provides test equipment including waste tire treatment equipment, aluminum capacitor recycling equipment, aircraft meal box processing equipment, waste zipper copper rice machine, copper aluminum stainless steel separator, electronic waste separator, circuit board crushing equipment, plastic cleaning equipment, hammer crusher, radiator stripping machine, copper aluminum separator, etc.

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