Waste Sorting & Recycling Machine

Capacity : as customer requirement how many sets annually .

Applicable Material : Domestic Waste, Municipal Waste, Urban trash , Landfill Stale Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition Waste, Scrap Metal, Industrial Waste, Plastic Waste, Solid Waste

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.

Product Description

Our Waste Sorting Machinery are specialized in waste treatment equipment, We have developed and manufactured a waste recycling sorting and processing system, which can process various types of waste. which can be called domestic waste sorting machine, construction waste sorting machine, decoration garbage sorting machine.

Waste sorting line is the integration of high technology, first-class design, perfect configuration and excellent performance. This is a large-scale waste sroting system with multiple functions that we can offer to those who want sort and recycle a large amount of municipal solid waste. Therefore, human will save large precious resources.

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.  Please leave your contact information and look forward to meeting you.

Waste Sorting & Recycling Line

We can design the most suitable waste sorting recycling process according to your materials for free.

Working Process of Waste Sorting Plant

Effect Display After Sorting:

The waste sorting line can separate the plastic, waste paper, metal, glass, combustibles, wood, organic matter, bricks and stones from the material.

Full sealed mechanical type waste garbage sorting machine also named trash sorting equipment and separating machine, the raw material could be individed into 6 kinds material after processing :

1. Inorganics : stone / brick or cement. after processing as the material of construction .

2. Non recycled burning material :Pyrolysis gasification system as heating source

3. the organics and sand as raw material of fertilizer .

4. The plastic : wood pellet or plastic particle

5. Iron selling to market directly

6. Ferrous metal sells to market directly or as to melt as ingot .

The whole system consist :

waste storage bin , break , screen ,winnowing screen , gravity separator , magnetic , tranport etc.

Materials suitable for the sorting and recycling system:

Domestic Waste, Urban trash; Landfill Stale Waste; Municipal Solid Waste; Construction and Demolition Waste; Scrap Metal, Industrial Waste; Plastic Waste, Solid Waste

  • Demestic-waste
  • Landfill-Stale-Waste
  • Municipal-Solid-Waste
  • Decoration garbage sorting equipment
  • Scrap-Metal
  • Plastic-Waste
  • industrial-waste
  • solid-waste

Working Process of Waste Sorting Plant:

1. The garbage will be transported to the feeding platform by forklift, and the garbage will be carried away by hopper.

2. The garbage is evenly distributed by the feeder, and then evenly sent to the next process by the belt conveyor.

3. When the garbage passes through the sorting platform, the larger garbage will be picked out.

4. Waste will be separated by rotary screening machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

5. The plastic will be packed by the baler; Heavy materials will be sent directly to the outside landfill or pulverized to make bricks; We can pick out useful materials from the mix and then recycle them.

6. All garbage sorting equipment in the garbage sorting line can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Customer Site - Sorting and Recycling Plants:

  • Stale garbage sorting equipment
  • Domestic waste sorting equipment
  • Decoration garbage sorting equipment
  • Construction waste sorting equipment

Sorting Machine Display:

  • Ai sorting machine

    Ai Sorting Machine

  • Air separator

    Air Separator

  • trommel screen

    Trommel Screen

  • star-screen

    Star Screen

Case of Waste Sorting System


Technical Parameters

Model XRD-100D XRD-200D XRD-400D
Raw materials Domestic Waste, Urban trash , Landfill Stale Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Decoration Waste, Scrap Metal, Industrial Waste, Plastic Waste, Solid Waste
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 400T/D
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours
Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024