Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder

Input Size : Customize

Output Capacity : 500-30000kg/h

Applicable Material : Car body with engine, Bike scrap, Light metal (≤6mm), Square steel, Channel steel, Home appliance, Color steel title.

Product Description

The Horizontal Hammer Mill Shredder for the metal scrap is for different kind of metal ,car body with engine,bike scrap,square steel , aluminum can , copper plate , painting bucket, tinplate , auto bike scrap etc could be fed into the metal hammer mill .

Metal waste hammer mill is used the hammer hitting principle under high speed and motor torque,when raw material feeds into the working chamber under continue hitting by the hammer ,the right and suitable material between the hammer and liar will be discharged from mesh.

  • scrap metal
  • scrap metal
  • scrap metal
  • scrap metal

Applicable Hammer Mill For Metal Shredder:

√ Car body with engine

√ Bike scrap

√ Light metal (≤6mm)

√ Square steel

√ Channel steel

√ Home appliance

√ Color steel title

Hammer Mill For Metal Shredder

For the inconvenient crush material , there are assembled the discharge door to protect the machine , once the impossible raw material feeds into the machine it will jump and outcome from the discharge part by automatic .

The whole system is the full automatic after hammer mill , if for the ferrous metal separating the eddy current separator will be assembled with the whole system. Meanwhile to avoid pollution the filter bag dust catcher has been assembled with the line to satisfy environment standard.


Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Power(kw) Production capacity (t/h) Configure auxiliary machine
PSJ-140 380V 132 2-3 1 feeding conveyor

1 discharge conveyor

1 iron conveyor

1 impurity conveyor

1 magnetic separation system

1 dust removal system

Intelligent visualization system (optional 1 set)

Set of spray system (optional 1 set)

PSJ-200 380V 200 3-5
PSJ-280 380V 280 4-7
PSJ-315 380V 315 5-8
PSJ-450 380V/10KV 450 8-12
PSJ-630 10KV 630 10-15
PSJ-750 10KV 750 12-17
PSJ-800 10KV 800 15-20
PSJ-900 10KV 900 20-30
1500horsepower 10KV 1200 25-40
2000horsepower 10KV 1500 50-60
3000horsepower 10KV 2250 60-80
4000horsepower 10KV 3000 80-100
6000horsepower 10KV 4420 100-160
8000horsepower 10KV 6000 160-200
10000horsepower 10KV 7500 200-260
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