Waste Aluminum-plastic Recycling Equipment

Power : 72.5/95

Capacity : 180-400kg/h

Model : XRD180 / XRD450

Applicable Material : Medical blister, Aluminum plastic board, Aluminum plastic panel, Medical blister packs

Product Description

The waste aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator/aluminum-plastic board recycling equipment/separator) researched and developed independently by our company can separate all kinds of aluminum-plastic panels, waste plastic-aluminum pipes and food-packaging bags, toothpaste tubes, Wahaha plastic bottle caps, leftovers and pieces of plastic-aluminum board and waste aluminum plastic boards used by drug factories (hospitals).

This equipment uses advanced physical recycling technology. Its products line, like aluminum-plastic separator, crusher and high pressure electrostatic separator, is of high innovation and advanced and reasonable technological line,Aluminum purity could be up to 98%, plastic is much more purity .


Medical blister

Aluminum plastic board

Aluminum plastic panel

Medical blister packs


Technical Parameters

Model Power (kw) Capacity(kg/h) Overall (mm)
XRD180 72.5 180-250 12500*3500*4000
XRD450 95 300-400 12500*8000*4000
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