Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Model : XRD500, XRD1000, XRD1500, XRD2000

Output Capacity : 500-2000kg/h

Applicable Material : Cylindrical lithium battery, Soft lithium battery, Hard-shell lithium battery, Positive and negative plates, Positive and negative plates, Cellphone battery

Product Description

At present, the research on the recycling of waste lithium batteries is mainly focused on the recovery of high-value anode precious metals cobalt and lithium. Copper in the negative electrode of waste lithium battery (content up to 35%) is an important production raw material widely used. Based on the structural characteristics of lithium batteries, our company adopts an environmentally-friendly physical separation process to realize efficient separation and recovery of waste lithium batteries.

after discharging of waste batteries, shredding crushing, magnetic separation, air separation, crushing, gravity separation, screening and other processes are carried out by mechanical equipment.

Raw Materials of Battery Recycling Machine:

  • lithium battery


Cylindrical lithium battery

Soft lithium battery

Hard-shell lithium battery

Positive and negative plates

Cellphone battery

The final product is graphite powder, cobalt acid lithium, aluminum and copper.

  • lithium battery

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity (kg/h)
XRD500 500
XRD1000 1000
XRD1500 1500
XRD2000 2000
Feature item Indicator requirements
Recycling rate of metallic aluminum >98%
Powder recycling rate >98%
Content of metallic aluminum in powder <2%
Content of power in metal aluminum <2%
Qualified rate 99%
Failure rate <1%
CMR ≥1.67
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