Decoration Waste Sorting Machine is easy to install and stable in operation

January 31 2023

Decoration litter is a decoration of various buildings. Surplus materials produced during the renovation process. Tailings and other waste, including wood, plastic, metal, textiles, glass, plaster, tile, cement, etc., are often mixed with paint, paint, etc. If it is not handled properly, it will not only waste resources, but also cause environmental pollution.

Decoration Waste Sorting Machine

Decoration garbage is mainly composed of the following six parts:

1. Waste concrete, bricks, lime mortar, etc. This part mainly comes from our usual modification of the non-load bearing wall part of the house.

2. Scrap metal, glass, etc. This mainly comes from our usual safety protection facilities, such as guardrails, doors and windows.

3. Floor tiles, wall tiles, wooden floors, wallpapers, wall coverings, etc. This is usually waste from home renovations or remodeling.

4. Wooden blocks. Wood-based panels. This is mostly scrap from our custom cabinetry and joist installation.

5. Cardboard, plastic, etc. This mainly belongs to lightweight materials such as various packaging bags.

6. Other hazardous waste. Such as paint, coating, glue, emulsion and packaging.

Decoration Waste Sorting Machine, supporting equipment include: feeder, bouncing screen, positive pressure winnowing machine, rod screen, drum screen, crusher, etc. Metal, wood, plastic, glass, non-ferrous metals, renewable aggregates and RDF garbage-derived fuels can realize resource recovery and renewable utilization, solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by Decoration garbage, and promote garbage reduction, recycling and harmless disposal.

Decoration Waste Sorting Machine is a complete production line with uniform distribution equipment. Tray sorting device. For drum screening devices and wind sorting devices, vibrating screening devices and conveying devices, iron removal devices and automatic compression devices, etc., Xrido will arrange technical personnel to guide the production line planning and solutions, so that the garbage can be transformed into better service In the strategy of green water and green mountains.

Xrido is a manufacturer of waste sorting equipment, which can provide customers with Decoration waste solutions, landfill waste solutions, construction waste solutions and household waste solutions.

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