Installation site of small lithium battery recycling equipment

February 01 2023

Lithium battery recycling process Understand the whole process of lithium battery recycling

1. The sorting in lithium battery recycling equipment is composed of magnetic separation and air separation. Magnetic separation can separate the ferromagnetic material in the crushed material; air separation can separate the powder and lighter plastic diaphragm in the crushed material At the same time, part of the volatile electrolyte adhering to the material is extracted with the wind; the pretreatment and recycling of waste lithium-ion batteries is mainly to use mechanical equipment to crush, winnow, Crushing, gravity separation, sieving and other processes enable the active materials on the positive and negative electrodes to be effectively separated from the copper and aluminum foils. Noise, dust leakage and exhaust emissions meet the relevant standards and requirements.

Installation site of small-lithium battery recycling equipment

2. The material sent by the conveyor is sent to the first stage for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed material is sent to the secondary crusher through the conveyor for secondary crushing. The crushed material of the second crusher enters the conveyor and magnetic separation is set at the same time. The equipment can separate the iron in the material. After the iron is removed by the material conveyor and magnetic separator, it enters the third crusher for crushing, and the material is crushed into powder.

3. The material in the powder state enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for air filtration, and falls to the airflow sorter through the fan, and is sorted by the airflow sorter, so that the materials with different densities are stratified and the metal fraction is obtained. Selected, and all non-metals are brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for concentration. The filtered exhaust gas will continue to be sent to the exhaust gas treatment equipment by the negative pressure system for air purification, so that it can meet the emission standards before being discharged at high altitude.

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