Why is it necessary to sort decoration waste?

October 25 2022

Why is it necessary to sort decoration waste?

With the rapid development of domestic social economy and the acceleration of urbanization process, people’s material base is increasingly rich, and more and more garbage, especially construction and decoration garbage, has become the main obstacle to improve the quality of life of the Chinese people. With the increasing emphasis on waste classification in China, building decoration waste as an independent waste treatment has become the development trend of the New York Times. Decoration waste sorting equipment is a common waste treatment equipment in urban construction waste at present, which is mainly applicable to the selection of urban and rural domestic waste, industrial waste, construction waste, etc. The bellows in the decoration waste classification equipment is the equipment that uses aerodynamics principle to classify materials. The equipment is mainly used to separate materials with different densities according to their weight, so as to achieve the purpose of classification and recovery. The equipment has low power, low noise, large processing capacity and high degree of automation, and can be widely used in small and medium-sized waste treatment plants.

waste sorting machine

The advantages of decoration waste classification are also very obvious. It is mainly to use waste sorting equipment to process domestic waste resources, classify urban domestic waste accurately, and then adopt appropriate treatment methods according to its different properties, so that it can be recycled. Professionals can realize harmless garbage, reduce the quantity, turn harm into profits, reduce human demand for natural resources, and achieve sustainable use of resources. Therefore, the development prospect of construction waste classification equipment is very broad. In addition, the decoration waste classification equipment can diversify materials with strong adaptability to materials, high viscosity, high humidity, dirt, impurities and other properties, namely, manual and mechanical transmission, which can be produced in large scale. The screen mesh is designed with flat steel ring, with good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

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