Environmental impact of garbage sorting equipment

November 17 2022

Environmental impact of garbage sorting equipment

There is no sure garbage in the world, only wrong local resources, if not a large number of construction waste treatment and make full use of, will waste social resources, causing huge economic losses. The recycling treatment of construction waste can not only greatly reduce the discharge of waste, improve the utilization rate of resources, but also meet the needs of the current circular economy and sustainable development. The key to turn construction waste into treasure is sorting, which is the premise of construction waste recycling and the basis of high value-added utilization. As the saying goes, mix it up, separate it and sort it. Indeed, the key to the construction of waste into treasure is sorting, sorting is inseparable from the garbage sorting machine.

garbage sorting equipment

The appearance of garbage separation equipment has promoted the green and high-quality development of household waste. In the daily household waste treatment, solid waste classification is to separate the materials in solid waste that can be recycled or are not conducive to the subsequent treatment and equipment processing process. Household garbage sorting machine can not only effectively screen and classify all kinds of materials in garbage, but also use gas and dust for collection and treatment, improve the working environment and avoid the secondary pollution of garbage to the environment.

The household garbage sorting machine can realize the integrated operation mode of garbage collection, sorting, compression and transport. It is suitable for the pre-processing process of domestic waste transfer, incineration, landfill and biochemical treatment, which can greatly improve the efficiency of subsequent treatment.

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