The value of Xrido garbage sorting equipment

November 22 2022

The value of Xinruide garbage sorting equipment

With the development of society, the population continues to increase, and the corresponding amount of domestic garbage has also greatly increased. There are three main methods of garbage disposal in cities in my country: incineration, landfill, and composting. And these three kinds of garbage disposal methods also have advantages and disadvantages, and the disposal of garbage also has different technical requirements because of the difference of garbage types. Facing the requirements of urbanization and garbage disposal, resource reduction, and harmless treatment, it is a job that modern society should do to classify urban garbage. The application of garbage sorting technology in the garbage transfer station has greatly improved the effectiveness, harmlessness and resource utilization of garbage treatment, and the urban garbage is separated and sorted through strict steps.

garbage sorting equipment

Xrido garbage sorting equipment relies on advanced technology to turn garbage into usable resources, classify waste, make it a raw material for other production of food, clothing, housing and transportation products, maintain the use of recycling system, improve and develop the production process , Using the working principle of first crushing and then screening, concrete blocks, bricks, clothes, wood boards, plastics, etc. are separated, which can be effectively recycled and reused, increasing the value of domestic waste.

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