Garbage sorting equipment can reduce land occupation

December 08 2022

Garbage sorting equipment can reduce land occupation

The role of garbage sorting equipment in today’s society can be said to be indispensable.

Some substances in domestic waste are not easy to degrade, causing serious land erosion. Garbage sorting equipment, removes recyclable substances, is not easy to degrade, and reduces the amount of garbage by more than 60%.

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Recycling and reuse is a great way to solve the waste problem if we can fully exploit the potential of recovering the resources contained in household waste. The benefits of garbage sorting are obvious. After the waste is sorted, it is sent to a factory rather than a landfill. It saves land and avoids pollution caused by landfill or incineration. It can also turn waste into treasure. People turn trash from foe to friend in this battle between people and trash. Therefore, garbage sorting equipment can not only reduce processing costs and reduce the consumption of land resources, but also have social, economic and ecological benefits.

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