Garbage sorting equipment can turn waste into treasure

December 06 2022

Garbage sorting equipment can turn waste into treasure

The role of garbage sorting equipment in today’s society can be said to be indispensable.

living waste system

4 billion plastic snack boxes, 50-700 million instant noodle bowls and billions of disposable chopsticks are used every year, accounting for 8-15% of household waste. Waste plastics can be sorted and reprocessed with a garbage sorting equipment silica gel machine. Recycling 1500 tons of waste paper saves the trees used to produce 1200 tons of paper. One ton of cans can be melted to form one ton of aluminum, which consumes 20 tons of aluminum ore. 30%-40% of domestic waste can be recycled, and this meager profit resource should be cherished. Cans can also be used to make pencil cases, which can not only protect the environment but also save resources. Moreover, other substances in garbage can also be converted into resources by using garbage sorting equipment, such as food, grass and fabrics can be composted to produce organic fertilizer; garbage incineration can generate electricity, heat or refrigeration; bricks and ash can be processed into building materials, etc. All kinds of solid waste are mixed together as garbage, and garbage classification is a resource.

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