Garbage sorting is more conducive to recycling

July 27 2023

The continuous development of urbanization has not only brought great changes to our lives, but also led to a continuous increase in the amount of urban garbage. Some cities have “garbage besieged cities”, which has become the main factor restricting local economic development and social harmony and stability. factor. So far in areas with better urban waste management, the main waste disposal methods adopted are: sanitary landfill, composting, incineration for power generation, comprehensive utilization, and resource return. However, most of them are due to the fact that the processing capacity cannot meet the increasing amount of garbage generated. As a result, some cities still adopt the methods of bare storage in the suburbs and underground landfills, which will not only pollute the soil and groundwater, but also produce unpleasant odors. odor.

Delivery site of 2 sets of 800 domestic waste shredders

Major cities have introduced various policies one after another, hoping to solve the problem of difficult garbage disposal as soon as possible. Through the method of garbage classification and recycling, resources can be reused, so as to reduce the pressure on the city’s environment. Then it is necessary to improve the ability to sort and process garbage, to achieve the sorting and treatment of hazardous waste, kitchen waste, recyclables and other waste, to set up clear and eye-catching, unified and standardized domestic waste classification signs, to formulate different classifications of different wastes, and to promote Regular and fixed-point classification and delivery, etc., to collect different garbage by classification.

Next, domestic waste sorting and recycling equipment is used to deal with waste sorting and recycling equipment. Waste sorting and recycling equipment has changed the traditional treatment method, forming a model from waste to products to renewable resources, and the waste generated in the process of people’s production and life Reintroduce it into the recycling process of human production and life, and transform it into useful material products.

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