How to dispose of light substances in garbage sorting?

August 01 2023

In construction (decoration) waste, in addition to bricks and concrete blocks, the waste generated from construction (decoration) demolition also includes wood chips, paper scraps, plastics, leaves, soil, etc. Among them, concrete blocks can be used as roadbeds; wood blocks Lightweight materials such as paper, paper scraps, and plastics also have their uses. If these materials are not treated uniformly, it will not only cause a waste of available resources, but also interfere with each other and affect the quality of each other.

At present, the removal of light substances in construction (decoration) waste treatment mainly relies on manual sorting, which has low efficiency, high cost, and poor effect, and small sundries cannot be sorted. To solve these problems, Qinglv Environment has developed and designed a winnowing machine to remove light substances such as wood blocks, paper scraps, and plastics from the crushed and screened construction waste, reduce the content of light substances in the finished aggregate, and improve the purity of the finished product.

waste disposal

Working principle of winnowing machine: When in use, the material enters the feeding belt conveyor from the inlet, and the material is evenly thrown out at the drum after being accelerated by the feeding belt, and then the light material is discharged with the air flow under the action of high-speed airflow at the blower outlet.

Features of wind separator:

1. Applicable to the end of the production line to remove wood chips, paper chips, plastics and other light substances in the crushed and screened construction waste.

2. Low power, low operating cost, saving power consumption.

3. The structure is simple and the weight is light, which not only saves the production cost but also reduces the repair and maintenance of the equipment by workers.

4. The special structure and the special material of the light material collection bag make there is no dust pollution at the material inlet and light material outlet.

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