Why landfill waste should be excavated and screened?

August 08 2023

Stale garbage refers to garbage that has been buried in landfills for many years, is basically stable, and can be mined and utilized. The main components of stale garbage include: stable inert garbage (stone, glass, etc.). Biorefractory organic matter (rubber, plastic film, etc.). A small amount of metal, the rest is mostly leaf humus. Since the 1970s, my country has gradually begun to use landfill as a treatment method for municipal solid waste. Today, landfill is still the main way to deal with municipal solid waste in our country. According to the 2016 municipal solid waste disposal statistics, the landfill method accounts for 60% of the total municipal solid waste removal and transportation, of which 4% is accumulation and simple disposal.

Several outstanding problems faced by landfilling municipal solid waste:

(1) The amount of garbage is increasing every year, the landfill area is getting larger and larger, and the difference between the amount of garbage and the shortage of land resources is becoming more and more prominent;

(2) As the city continues to expand to the surrounding suburbs, it is becoming more and more difficult to select landfill sites. Many landfill sites are overloaded, resulting in rapid consumption of warehouse capacity and facing closed problems;

(3) A large number of landfills built after the 1970s, especially in the middle and late 1980s, have reached or will reach their service life. Reconstruction and reuse of landfills need to be solved urgently;

(4) There are a large number of informal landfills around the city. Most of these landfills are built along the terrain, without formal anti-seepage treatment and landfill treatment, with weak anti-pollution ability, causing secondary pollution to groundwater, soil, atmosphere and surrounding environment, and occupying a large amount of land resources.

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