Significance of Excavation and Disposal of Stale Garbage in Domestic Garbage Landfill

August 15 2023

Significance of Excavation and Disposal of Stale Garbage in Domestic Garbage Landfill

(1) Garbage recycling can obtain land resources, make the landfill site reused, reduce the garbage capacity through the comprehensive garbage treatment process, and at the same time realize the restoration of the landfill site environment, and the original land can be used for secondary development. In the case of increasingly tight land resources, the old waste disposal in the original landfill has a huge market prospect;

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(2) Garbage harmlessness can eliminate the pollution of landfills to the surrounding environment and groundwater, especially for a large number of original informal landfills, because no effective protective measures have been taken during operation, resulting in water, gas, and odor. Pollution not only has a serious impact on the lives of surrounding residents, but also causes harm to groundwater. Through the comprehensive treatment of old garbage, the original pollution sources can be effectively removed, the natural environment can be improved, and it has huge environmental and social benefits;

(3) Garbage recycling can obtain recyclable resources and realize resource recycling. The stale waste is processed through high-speed screening technology and equipment, and the waste is classified according to the material utilization category. The sorted combustibles can be used for incineration to generate electricity, the leaf humus can be used to cultivate urban landscape vegetation, and the brick and tile waste can be used after treatment to make full use of the useful components in the stale waste and realize the recycling of the stale waste.

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