Construction Waste Introduction

August 22 2023

In recent years, as the scale of urban construction continues to expand, the amount of urban construction, old city reconstruction, and urban village reconstruction has been increasing. Large-scale construction and demolition will inevitably produce a large amount of demolition and construction waste. How to dispose of piles of construction waste like earthquake ruins?

waste disposal

The traditional disposal method of construction and demolition waste is either accumulation or burial. In fact, demolition and construction waste is just a resource that has been misplaced. After sorting, crushing, and screening, it can be used as a substitute for sand, and can be used to produce recycled concrete and recycled environmentally friendly bricks. It can also be used as a water stabilization layer and pad for road construction. layer.

The construction waste produced by buildings with different structural characteristics and the content of various components are different, but they are consistent with their basic composition, which is mainly caused by muck, soil, scattered mortar and concrete, and chiseling process. Masonry tiles and concrete fragments, reinforced concrete pile heads cut off by piling, scrap metal materials, bamboo and wood, waste generated in the decoration process, various packaging materials and other waste garbage, etc. Decoration waste screening and sorting equipment can effectively deal with the troubles of decoration and construction waste siege, and create more significant economic and social benefits.

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