What materials can be sorted out of construction waste?

September 27 2023

The construction waste produced by buildings with different structural characteristics and the content of various components are different, but they are consistent with their basic composition, which is mainly caused by muck, soil, scattered mortar and concrete, and chiseling process. Masonry tiles and concrete fragments, reinforced concrete pile heads cut off by piling, scrap metal materials, bamboo and wood, waste generated in the decoration process, various packaging materials and other waste garbage, etc.

double shredder machine shipped for RDF production

Construction waste can be separated into the following materials through sorting: Crushing and screening of concrete chips, asphalt blocks, bricks, stones, wood, plastics, plaster and mortar, steel and non-metal, etc. Input materials: construction waste mixture composed of road concrete blocks, asphalt concrete blocks, old building blocks, construction waste, etc. Output products: iron, steel, impurities, plastics and stones and bricks of different sizes. All screening materials are used for roadbed stones, unburned bricks, cement admixtures, etc.

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