How much can circuit board recycling equipment make from processing a ton of circuit boards?

March 24 2023

Using circuit board recycling equipment to deal with a ton of waste circuit board can generally earn about 2000-4000 yuan, the specific amount mainly depends on the metal composition and content of the circuit board.

PCB waste recycling plant machine

Circuit board recycling is different from other metal recycling industry is that the price of recycled metal powder mainly depends on the treatment of the circuit board, the treatment of the circuit board metal content is high or contains more precious metals, the price is higher, low metal content or no precious metals, the price is naturally low.

Circuit board recycling business is essential to a set of circuit board recycling equipment, now on the market a lot of circuit board recycling equipment, which requires us to polish our eyes, find the quality of reliable, high metal recovery of circuit board recycling equipment. Because we say that money is made after the cost, if you have to put a lot of extra effort into the repair and maintenance of the machine, you will not make as much money as someone else who buys good equipment.

In the process of manufacturing equipment, we will consider a lot of problems for customers according to our previous experience, and have a very perfect technical training and installation guidance, in order to let customers more worry and labor saving. Henan Dongying manufacturing circuit board recovery equipment, on the basis of dry sorting to achieve more than 99% metal recovery, to ensure profits at the same time does not pollute the environment, can pass the EIA procedures, is a real high quality, the price of good equipment.

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