What are the waste circuit board recycling and processing equipment?

March 22 2023

There are generally two kinds of waste circuit board processing equipment on the market, which are divided into electronic components dismantling machine and circuit board crushing and recycling equipment. Today, we will introduce these two kinds of equipment in detail.

PCB waste recycling plant machine

Electronic component dismantling machine is generally used to pretreat waste circuit boards. The components of the electronic components on the waste circuit board are relatively complex, and many of them contain iron. If the separation is carried out directly, it may lower the price of the mixed metal and make the blade of the crusher easier to wear. Therefore, it is recommended to use the electronic components dismantling machine to remove the electronic components above, and these electronic components and the tin gold that bind the electronic components before using the circuit board crushing and recycling equipment. Can be sold again.

Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is able to break and recycle a variety of circuit boards, copper clad environmental protection equipment, through shredding, iron removal, crushing, screening, airflow gravity separation, high voltage electrostatic separation and other steps, separation of scrap circuit boards in the metal and resin fibers. How much metal can be obtained, and what kind of metal composition, depends on the quality of the circuit board. Our circuit board crushing and recycling equipment adopts dry physical separation method, metal separation rate reaches more than 99%, and does not cause environmental pollution, it is very easy to operate.

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