Lithium battery material recycling is inseparable from professional processing equipment

March 13 2023

The increasing number of discarded power batteries brings great pressure to the ecological environment, but also causes a serious waste of resources. Aluminum, lithium, copper and other metal resources in power batteries are recyclable resources, and recycling can alleviate the bottleneck of resources. Therefore, in order to prevent the waste of resources, produce more serious environmental pollution problems, it is urgent to recycle the discarded power battery.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium battery recovery process is generally divided into wet recovery, fire recovery and physical disassembly three ways. Physical disassembly is the main way of recycling at present. Physical disassembly is a process of lithium battery recovery and processing equipment, including discharge, crushing, magnetic separation, crushing, separation, collection and other parts.

The recovery rate of lithium battery recycling and processing equipment is up to 98%, and the purity is high. It retains the characteristics of metal materials and does not consume additional chemicals in the production process, so the process is very environmentally friendly.

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