The process of lithium battery recovery equipment

March 09 2023

Lithium battery recycling equipment can deal with three-way lithium batteries, soft pack lithium batteries, mobile phone lithium batteries, 18650 and other lithium batteries can be recycled and reused, so that lithium batteries can be recycled with existing technology, so that lithium battery metal can be used cheaply, and it will develop towards a more environmentally friendly direction. Now, the development technology of our lithium battery processing equipment and lithium battery recycling equipment is heading towards a critical period. In this field, there are more mature and environmentally friendly clean solutions. In the development time of environmental protection, the sorting technology of lithium battery recycling equipment produced by Xinruide Environmental protection is more intelligent.

Cylindrical Lithium Battery Recycling Machine production line installation site

Waste lithium battery treatment:

1. Power lithium battery recycling equipment: power lithium battery recycling equipment includes all kinds of power batteries, new energy batteries, waste lithium ion battery shell, positive and negative electrode active materials, copper and aluminum metal, plastic diaphragm separation.

2. Lithium battery recycling equipment: lithium battery material recycling equipment includes lithium battery positive material, lithium battery negative material, lithium battery core copper and aluminum metal, black powder and lithium cobalt acid, separation of diaphragm material.

Sorting process:

The comprehensive technology separation of lithium battery recovery equipment consists of crushing, magnetic separation, wind separation, etc. Magnetic separation can separate the ferromagnetic materials in the broken materials; Air separation can separate the powder and lighter plastic diaphragm from the broken material, and at the same time volatilize the part adhering to the material.

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