Lithium battery life is generally several years

February 14 2023

The service life of lithium batteries is only two to three years, and lithium batteries can generally be charged and discharged 300-500 times. Lithium metal batteries are generally batteries that use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode material, lithium metal or its alloy metals as the negative electrode material, and use a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium batteries can be divided into two types of batteries, lithium metal and lithium ion. However, the lithium batteries used in the market are mainly lithium-ion batteries. Its service life is generally considered to be 500 charge cycles.

Lithium battery recycling equipment operates stably

Lithium batteries for cars are power batteries. Generally, it is a ternary lithium battery. The positive electrode is generally made of nickel-cobalt lithium manganate or nickel-cobalt lithium aluminate material, and the negative electrode is made of graphite material.

The theoretical life is generally 1000-2000 cycles. If the battery pack of the car consumes a cycle every 2 days, then the service life is also 5-10 years. However, since the actual conditions of use are not up to the theoretical conditions, the actual service life will be lower. About 4-8 years.

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