Which is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery?

February 16 2023

With the advancement of technology in the automobile industry and in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, automobiles are no longer satisfied with fuel vehicles, and new energy vehicles have also been born accordingly. However, the performance energy vehicles on the market are inseparable from the electric motor, and the power of the electric motor is provided by the battery. So which one is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery? Let’s take a look at the specific comparison evaluation. Lithium batteries last longer.

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All new energy vehicles are equipped with motors, and all motors need batteries to provide them. Which is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery? In contrast, lithium batteries are better, because in terms of service life, the cycle life of lithium batteries can reach 800-1000 times, while the cycle life of lead-acid batteries is less than 500 times. Moreover, the battery of the same size has a larger battery capacity and can be recycled directly when it is used up. However, lead-acid batteries can pollute the environment if not handled properly.

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