Which is better, lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery?

February 21 2023

In addition to lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries are also used in new energy vehicle motors. So which is better, lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery? In comparison, it cannot be said who is better. It can only be said that each has its own merits and is comparable. Specifically, let’s look at the following four aspects:

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1. Battery energy, the energy of a ternary lithium battery is 1.7 times that of a lithium iron phosphate battery of the same quality;

2. Safety performance, lithium iron phosphate has excellent heat resistance, and gradually melts when the ambient temperature is as high as 600, while the ternary lithium battery gradually melts at around 300;

3. At ultra-low temperature, the battery volume drops to about 50% at -10 for lithium ferrous phosphate, while the lower limit of ternary lithium is -30, which is lower than the instantaneous level of lithium ferrous phosphate at the same temperature;

4. Use time: Lithium iron phosphate can be used for at least ten years after charging 3,500 times, and it decays to 80% of the limit of mandatory disassembly and replacement. The ternary lithium battery can be used for six years after charging about 2000 times.

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