New energy pillar industry: Solar panel recycling equipment manufacturers

May 18 2023

New energy pillar industry: Solar panel recycling equipment manufacturers

The main challenge in recycling spent solar panels is not the cost of recycling and reuse, but finding value in recycled materials. If high-purity waste board decomposition processing becomes widespread, each extracted material will be reused. Glass in particular, which accounts for 70% (by weight) of waste boards, has proven to be of good quality as a raw material for glass crafts etc. in new equipment, although the glass is now well treated due to sticking materials The method and equipment is the glass removal machine of Resec Machinery.

Scrap Solar Panel recycling plant

That is, these devices that use these new energy sources, such as solar panels that are damaged and scrapped, have caused new pollution? This involves the recycling of battery panels.

In fact, many materials used to make battery panels can still be recycled. For example, the core material crystalline silicon can be reused in the heavy metal industry, glass panels can be sent to the glass manufacturing industry, aluminum frames can be sent to aluminum refineries, cables, After being crushed, joints and the like can be reused in the form of copper beads, and waste plastics and the like can be used as fuel… So as long as they are handled properly, there is no need to worry too much about the waste of solar panels that will bring new energy to the environment. pollution, or waste of resources.

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