What should we do with scrapped solar panels?

May 23 2023

What should we do with scrapped solar panels?

The first is to strengthen the research on the recycling and processing technology of waste photovoltaic modules. Increase research on recycling technologies for new types of components, such as flexible components, MWT components (involving the recycling of components without solder strips), and heterojunction components (involving the recycling of indium compounds).

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The second is to strengthen the research on recycling and processing technology of production raw materials. In addition to the recycling of waste components, in the production process of photovoltaic products, a certain proportion of materials such as film, backplane, frame, glass, etc. will also be scrapped. It is also necessary to strengthen the research on the recycling and processing technology of scrap materials.

The third is to improve the green development level of recycling work. Promote energy saving and consumption reduction and green emission reduction in the industrialized treatment of waste components, and realize harmless treatment. The fourth is to strengthen the green design of photovoltaic products. From the material selection and product design side, consider the follow-up recycling issues, such as developing packaging materials that are more conducive to the separation of film, backplane, glass, etc., developing and promoting flexible component products (there is no problem of glass and frame recycling), etc.

The decommissioned components are sorted and disassembled, and the reusable silicon, silver, copper, aluminum and other materials are recovered, forming a comprehensive recovery rate of more than 96%. Through the recycling and reuse of component materials, the exploitation of primary resources and the Reduce the energy consumption of resource extraction, thereby effectively alleviating the pressure on the ecological environment, reducing the energy consumption of the entire industrial chain and other indicators, while also protecting the environment and avoiding waste of resources.

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