The main methods of waste disposal are as follows

June 06 2023

The main methods of waste disposal are as follows:

1. Sanitary landfill method Sanitary landfill method is a widely used garbage disposal method at home and abroad. This method has a large amount of treatment and is convenient and easy to implement. However, landfills occupy a large amount of land. Due to economic backwardness in underdeveloped and developing countries, Most of them adopt the simple landfill method, and the garbage infiltration produced by it will cause serious secondary pollution to groundwater and surface water.

waste disposal

2. Garbage incineration The incineration method is to subject the combustible components in the garbage to a high temperature (800 ° C ~ 1 ° C) through combustion reaction, the combustible components are fully oxidized, and finally become ash. Generally, the volume of garbage can be greatly reduced, the land occupation is greatly reduced, and heat energy can be recovered for domestic heating and power generation.

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