The process flow of stale garbage screening

November 29 2022

The process flow of stale garbage screening

1. Digging and transportation: the excavator will dig out the stale garbage and load it into the dump truck, and transport it to the screening equipment feeding device; For the screening of stale garbage with large slope, there are safety risks in the round-trip transportation of the transport vehicle on the heap. The material can be transported from the heap to the sorting equipment feeding device through the conveyor belt by working in the heap with the excavator;


2, feeding: the loading equipment will be stale into the feeding machine, uniform, limited into the cloth machine, the large volume of construction waste and other waste can not be directly screened out, in order to reduce or avoid damage to the equipment; Manual sorting: the waste after the heavy brick, pottery and other large pieces sorted out by the cloth machine will be selected by the manual sorting table large fabric, rubber wheel, iron bar and other materials into the roller screen.

3, drum screening: through the drum screening machine will be divided into two parts of the stale garbage under the screen, screen on the material, the material under the screen is selected by the magnetic separator, other materials become humus; The material on the screen is selected by the magnetic separator, and other materials are transported to the integrated air separation equipment; Comprehensive air selection: the material on the screen is separated by the light material under the action of the bulk material roller screen and the fan with adjustable air volume and wind speed. The heavy material is output by the output machine for building blocks; Light material compression external incineration power generation.

case of waste sorting system
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