The role of waste aluminum sorting machine

October 11 2022

The role of waste aluminum sorting machine

The output of the scrap aluminum crushing and sorting machine equipment is related to the model size of the scrap aluminum crushing and sorting machine, the processing materials, and the discharge requirements. The same type of waste aluminum crushing and sorting machine equipment, the output of processing waste aluminum scraps and scrap aluminum door and window materials is different, in addition, processing the same material, such as scrap aluminum scraps, the output of large materials is high, The smaller the output, the lower the output.

xrido garbage sorting system

With the elimination of various waste aluminum-plastic doors and windows and scrap aluminum scraps, a large amount of scrap aluminum has been generated, and these scrap aluminum are rich in aluminum and plastic materials, which are of great recycling value. The old-fashioned recycling method is to return the water directly to the aluminum plant, which is simple and low-cost. At the same time, the price we pay is to pollute the environment, which does not meet the environmental protection requirements. As a result, Xinruide Environmental Protection Technology has independently developed and produced scrap aluminum crushing and sorting equipment that has come in handy and has become a powerful tool for scrap aluminum recycling.

The scrapping treatment of scrap aluminum scraps is one step of crushing. The separation of scrap aluminum and plastic can be achieved through the processing of scrap aluminum shredder equipment, so as to make preliminary preparations for the subsequent use of scrap aluminum sorting equipment, and then use eddy current metal sorting. For mechanical equipment, the eddy current itself will generate a magnetic field opposite to the original magnetic field, and non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) will leap forward in their transport direction due to the repulsive force of the magnetic field, realizing the connection with other non-conducting objects or non-ferrous metals. The separation of metal substances to achieve the purpose of sorting.

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