Brief introduction of metal scrap aluminum crushing and sorting process

October 04 2022

Brief introduction of metal scrap aluminum crushing and sorting process

Hammer Mill For Metal Shredder

The shell of the waste aluminum crusher sorting equipment is welded with manganese steel plates, and the inner lining plate is strong and durable. The vulnerable parts of the rotor are mainly distributed in the shank of the hammer head, the hammer shaft hole of the hammer disc, the external aid of the hammer disc, the hammer shaft, and the shoulder of the main shaft bearing. will break. The shell of the main engine adopts a hydraulic lifting device, which is convenient and quick for maintenance. The design of the whole machine is generous and reasonable, and the design can be reasonably improved according to user requirements. The working principle of the raw aluminum crusher is to use the high-speed impact of the hammer to perform medium and fine crushing operations on scrap aluminum. The material is first sent to the crusher and the hammer head is hinged on the high-speed rotating rotor to be crushed for the first time by the impact of the hammer head, and then flies to the crushing plate on the inner wall of the casing to be crushed again. The material is discharged out of the machine, and the material block larger than the gap of the grate is again impacted by the hammer on the grate and ground into small particle balls until it is discharged.

living waste system

The waste aluminum crusher sorting equipment consists of a waste aluminum crusher, a magnetic separator, a trommel screen, an eddy current separator and a dust collector. The material is sent to the waste aluminum crusher by the conveyor for fine crushing. The crushed material is separated from the iron by the magnetic separator, and then enters the trommel screen to separate the aluminum powder. The bulk material enters the eddy current separator. plastic separation. The whole system adopts PLC control and dynamic real-time monitoring. It has the characteristics of low unit energy consumption, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost and good processing effect. The entire production line adopts pulse dust removal, and there is no dust pollution during operation.

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