Introduction of stale garbage sorting machine

September 27 2022

Introduction of stale garbage sorting machine

Stale waste sorting machine

Stale garbage sorting process:

The stale waste treatment equipment is mainly divided into four parts: crushing system, conveying system, sorting system, control system, including coarse crusher, conveyor, trommel screen, iron remover, air separator, fine crusher and other equipment and intelligent control. The system is a practical, feasible, reasonable and economical waste front-end crushing, sorting and pretreatment system.

The stale waste treatment equipment can effectively separate through sorting, screening and crushing processes, which greatly improves the treatment efficiency of stale waste, and promotes waste reduction, harmless and resource disposal.

1. The output of the stale garbage sorting machine:

Metal recycling → Iron and ferromagnetic metals, etc.

Combustibles → plastic, paper, bamboo, etc.

Inert substances → stone, concrete, etc.

backfill → muck

Technical Features:

2. High-efficiency crushing stale garbage sorting machine:

Apply high-efficiency and stable crushing technology, configure primary or secondary crushing according to customer requirements, and crush materials to sizes below 200mm;

3. The stale garbage sorting machine has the function of automatic sorting:

Applying advanced automatic mechanical sorting technology, the utilization rate of resources is high and the sorting effect is good;

Trommel screen: screen out the mixed material above 30mm and the dregs below 30mm;

Butterfly screen: sieve out the mixed material above 80mm and the material below 80mm;

Air separator: Use the principle of aerodynamics to separate the light and heavy substances in the material.

The disposal of obsolete waste generally has problems such as large amount of landfill, complex components and difficult sorting. The obsolete waste treatment equipment effectively solves the problem of complex and difficult disposal of obsolete waste components through multi-level sorting, multi-method sorting, and multi-level sorting. The final material (humus, light material, heavy material, combustible, non-combustible, etc.) can be formed according to customer needs. On the premise of ensuring the sorting efficiency, a large amount of stale garbage can be processed at the same time to meet the customer’s on-site processing requirements.

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