How to handle the WEEE with physical and efficient ?

August 06 2021

As time flies , lots of cellphone regeneration is faster especially for the TV sets , computer , laptop . microwave oven etc . these raw material not only contains the ferrous metal with high efficient , but also for the plastic could be used in different field .

There are including many elements of ferrous metal much more high than the mine industry . such as the copper , aluminum , coasting gold , coasting silver etc .

The waste home appliance is continue keep increasing . CRT glass especially takes a great part, plastic steel dismantled parts takes about 20% .

The main dismantled metal part is for waste steel , copper , aluminum , plastic in China . its keep increasing in quantities and weight . the quantities reach to 5 billion sets about 538.4 million tons . increased 33% and 32% than last year 2020 . the refrigerator causing 9238.3 million sets. Its increased 4.6% . the air conditioner increased 16049.3 million sets . increased 4.5% . washing machine increasing 7620.9 million sets , increased 4.9%.

There are three kind of waste appliance fluent to market , one is to recycle old exchange new type . one is distribution to the short of development area , west of China . the end is through the dismantling , processing to refine the precious metal etc .

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