Why is PCB worth recycling?

January 10 2023

Any item will be damaged after continuous use, especially electronic products. However, damaged items are not completely waste and can be recycled. The same is true for PCBs. Moreover, with the advancement of science and technology, the number of electronic products has increased sharply, and its life cycle has been continuously shortened. Many products are discarded without damage, resulting in serious waste.

PCB recycling equipment

The product replacement in the electronics industry is very fast, and the amount of discarded PCBs produced is also very alarming. Every year, there are more than 50,000 tons of discarded PCBs in the UK, and up to 100,000 tons in Taiwan. Recycling is the principle of saving resources and green production. Moreover, some substances on electronic products are harmful to the environment, so recycling is inevitable.

The metals contained in the PCB include ordinary metals: aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, lead, tin and zinc, etc.; precious metals: gold, palladium, platinum, silver, etc.; rare metals such as rhodium and selenium. PCB also contains a large number of high-molecular polymers directly or indirectly derived from petroleum products, which have high calorific value. They can be used to generate energy and produce related chemical products, many of which are toxic and harmful. If discarded, it will cause great pollution. Our company is a professional PCB recycling equipment supplier with a professional R&D team. We are a 15-year-old factory, and the PCB recycling equipment is ex-factory price.

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