The Landfill Stale Waste Sorting Plant is easy to install and stable in operation

January 06 2023

The traditional treatment of stale garbage adopts open treatment. During this process, due to the spread of dust and odor, serious secondary pollution is caused to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to provide a Landfill Stale Waste Sorting Plant to solve the pollution caused by improper disposal of stale waste to the surrounding environment, and to realize the recycling and reuse of earth resources. It includes a feeding machine, which is used to transport stale waste; vibrating screen is used to screen stale waste; drum screening machine is used to further screen stale waste; closed winnowing machine is used to screen and classify stale waste.

Landfill Stale Waste Sorting Plant

The Landfill Stale Waste Sorting Plant includes a feeding machine, a vibrating screen, a drum screening machine and a closed air separator. The obsolete garbage is transported to the vibrating screen through the conveyor belt connected to the feeding machine. Under the action of the vibration of the vibrating screen, the bricks, tiles The lumps are sorted out by the vibrating sieve, and are directly landfilled after collection. It should be noted that the conveyor belt between the feeding machine and the vibrating screen machine is also equipped with a manual sorting platform, which passes through the conveyor belt through the manual sorting platform. Manually sort out the bulky items and tear apart the bagged garbage mixed in the garbage. The obsolete garbage selected by vibrating screening is sent to the drum screening machine through the conveyor belt. The drum screening machine divides the obsolete garbage into the oversieve and the undersieve according to the size of the sieve plate aperture. The undersieve can be used as a nutritionist for gardening. Greening, the sieved material is sent into the comprehensive winnowing machine through the conveyor belt. The closed winnowing machine includes a box body. There is a first collection box and a second collection box on the side, a roller is placed under the feed inlet, a first-level conveyor belt is installed at the lower end of the roller, and a second-level conveyor belt is installed under the first-level conveyor belt. There is a third collection box at the joint of the conveyor belt. The stale garbage disposal equipment box is located below the material inlet and is provided with a first air inlet and a second air inlet, and a third air inlet is provided under the primary conveyor belt, the first air inlet, the second air inlet and the third air inlet. The first fan, the second fan and the third fan are all installed at the air inlet, and the other end of the box body is provided with an induced fan.

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