The role of XRIDO copper and aluminum separation crusher

November 03 2022

The role of XRIDO copper and aluminum separation crusher

As increasing the number of automobiles in recent years, produce the amount of scrap car tank is very huge, on recycling, crusher equipment, auto radiator multi-usage, can be all kinds of auto radiator, the old air conditioning radiator and radiator and other material crushing processing, waste of them contain large amounts of renewable metal copper and aluminum.

Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Most early decomposition heat sink copper aluminum using artificial LiJu cutting, cutting machine for cutting the copper aluminum separation technology was backward, not only artificial too, low yield, and each working procedure is very dangerous, project risk is too big, now have a fully automatic air conditioning radiator broken copper aluminum separation equipment, pursuit for recycled big fast effective customer can say is a good equipment, This equipment is a set of production line is composed of two crushing and sorting, it can be to break bulk raw material directly without pretreatment, and then by airflow specific gravity separator according to the density of copper, aluminum, effectively separated, aluminum copper recovery rate can reach more than 99.5%, a complete set of production line fully automated processing, simple operation, only three people to complete the operation, The equipment can be customized according to the customer’s requirements for output, 2 tons per hour, 3 tons is most customers choose customized. Therefore, copper and aluminum separation crusher has a very high recovery value.

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