The contribution of aluminum alloy crusher to aluminum metal resources

November 08 2022

Our factory has innovated and improved the aluminum alloy crusher, with reasonable design and perfect performance. The whole aluminum alloy crushing and separation production line includes the main crusher, conveyor, eddy current sorting machine and dust removal system, so as to achieve the environmental benefit “side by side”. Waste aluminum recovery production line is an input of large equipment, it needs to spend a lot of energy, especially before preparing to select aluminum alloy crusher, we should first do a good job of market research, understand the market price of waste aluminum, the market price of electric furnace steel mill concentrate, estimate the production cost, profit margin, and then choose the equipment.

Hammer Mill For Metal Shredder

Our aluminum alloy crusher is in the service of environmental protection of renewable resources recovery, Yang, will be broken, all kinds of scrap metal after crushing, no impurities, it has been widely used in many fields, very suitable for processing all kinds of aluminium scrap, scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap car bodies, tin, old appliances, bicycle. According to the different models, aluminum alloy crusher prices are different in the market.

The external force applied to solid aluminum alloy crusher in the process of crushing are: shear force is mainly used to reduce the size of bulk material and hard material, crushing force is mainly used with friction and extrusion, friction is mainly used to remove the rubber strip, extrusion pressure is mainly used for high density molding; The actual crushing process is often completed by several external forces acting at the same time, which not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the application scope. After the waste aluminum is broken, it becomes a high-density cluster of metal particles, and the efficiency of paint removal, rust removal and impurity removal reaches more than 99.6%.

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