How to calculate the copper output rate of waste copper wire recovery equipment?

November 10 2022

Abandoned cables and wires can be seen everywhere. With the depletion of copper resources, the recycling of copper-containing wires has attracted extensive attention. Our copper resource is poor, the amount of copper used in our country is very large. The supply of copper resources cannot meet the market supply. In order to make full use of the waste copper wire recycling, the small integrated copper rice machine can recover the waste copper wire resources and make good use of them to reduce the shortage of copper resources.

copper wire recovery equipment

How to calculate the copper rate of automatic small dry copper wire recovery equipment?

Wire copper content is a certain size and proportion, is determined by the wire diameter. For example, the GB 2 square copper wire contains 55% copper, 275 grams of pure copper per catty; Gb 4 square copper wire containing 75% copper, copper 375 grams per catty. Scrap car wire copper content is 50%, 1 ton of waste wire conservative calculation can get 0.5 tons of copper, 1 ton of waste wire conservative calculation can get 0.5 tons of plastic, will be higher, dry copper rice machine daily output is more than 0.5 tons of copper and 0.5 tons of plastic, copper recovery rate can reach more than 99%!

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