Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is specially designed for radiators. it can peel off single-layer and two-layer radiators. The center distance between the blades comes in three sizes: 19mm, 21mm, and 25mm. This means it can separate three heat sinks. Weighs 650kg and the daily processing capacity is as high as 3000KG.


Before operation, the heat sink should be cut into regular shapes. Then place the cut radiator smoothly into the inlet. Within seconds, the copper tube and aluminum fins will be discharged separately. Copper tubes will remain intact, aluminum fins will damage one row of radiators, and two rows of radiators will remain intact.



2.Air conditioner



Product model XRD1000
Appliance AC radiator
Processing capacity 3000kg/D
Overall size 1800*900*1350mm
Power 3+4 kw
Weight 1500kgs
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